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Victory Arch of Titus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Victory Arch of Titus - Essay Example The Arco di Tito (Arch of Titus) is situated in a slightly raised position on a branch of the Palatine Hill at the entrance to the Forum. Its religious relevance lies in its portrayal of the conquest of Jerusalem and its revered temple by the Romans in 70 AD.1 Domitian erected the Arch of Titus. In the year AD 70, Domitian was the Emperor of Rome. The Empire then was in a status of excellence. People all over were talking about the triumphs of Domitian’s brother Titus. Titus then was heading his army into Jerusalem to conquer the Jews in the Emperor’s name.2 Sometime around AD 80 word arrived that Jerusalem had been defeated and that Titus would be returning with the wealth of Jewish Temples. To await his return, Domitian ordered the building of the Arch. The Victory Arch of Titus honors Titus triumphant defeat of Jerusalem after the huge Jewish uprising around 70 AD. Although it was most likely built by Titus’ brother and successor, Emperor Domitian, there are some who believe that it was actually built by emperor Trajan because of resemblance to the Arch of Trajan located at Benevento. Titus had actually already died when the arch was constructed, but Titus younger brother Domitian was emperor, and he wanted people to think of his brother Titus. Hence, the writing has Titus name on it. (It says, the Senate and the People of Rome, to the Divine Titus, son of the Divine Vespasian, Vespasian Augustus).3 The letters were originally distinguished in shimmering bronze letters, but the bronze was stolen away. The Arch of Titus is situated on the topmost point of the Via Sacra, a road leading to the Roman Forum. It is positioned at the eastern most side of the forum and was used as an entrance and exit to the forum. This is a solitary arch, 15.4 meter high, 13.5 meter wide and 4.75 meter deep.4 At the interior of the arch are two panels with reliefs or an art figure in which the top exterior of the art work reveals some

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