Sunday, September 22, 2019

Marketing Plan Proposal Essay Example for Free

Marketing Plan Proposal Essay I will develop a marketing plan for my company’s new product, the â€Å"Walker Photo Display Storage Solutions† product I will introduce on the global market next year sometime. The â€Å"Walker Photo Display Storage Solutions† product will allow any kind of loose photographs to be easily displayed in a collage format on any bare wall anywhere. It will include a divided safe storage box designed to protect loose photographs from damaging light, chemicals and rough handling to name a few things! I think my target audience is teenage boys and girls, male female college students, educators, homemakers, business owners, retired folk, hobbyists, collectors and basically anyone that has a need and desire to do something with the piles of loose photographs we all have laying around the house! I will directly market to pre-teen and teenage kids, college students and their faculty members, housewives and husbands, law enforcement, real estate, the entertainment industry, businesses and numerous other identified and yet to be identified markets! I have perceived there was a need to create something specific, simple, durable, easy to use, inexpensive, customizable and practical to display and store all the loose photographs I had laying around and the ones I saw elsewhere laying around, unseen, decomposing and being neglected. I had taped loose photographed to my wall on occasion in a sort of collage formation, but it looked kind of cheesy, so I felt I could create something cool to display and store them in! After a few years of random survey’s with various people from all walks of life, I found my perception to be correct, that there was indeed a genuine need for my invention, and it appeared there was a vast global market for it! Creating this product so it can be easily ordered, customized and received will be a bit of a challenge, but one that I believe is well worth taking. I am very passionate about my new product that will be distributed from my new company, â€Å"†. So, it is my intention to solve the decades old question dilemma of what to do with all the millions and millions of loose photographs lying around in drawers, shoeboxes and elsewhere!

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