Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Propose a solution to a problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Propose a solution to a problem - Essay Example According to a report by the Pew Hispanic Center, 57% of the persons entering America illegally as at 2004 were contributed by Mexico. Southern American nations accounted for 24% of the immigrants, Asia9%, Europe combined with Canada accounted for 6% the rest of the world including Africa accounted for 3%. In this paper I will be taking a broader look of the whole immigration problem and proposing a solution for the government. The immigration law in the US has been and continues to be at the stage of heated political debates for decades now. Policy makers have to struggle with balancing between maintaining competitiveness globally through the tapping of top of foreign talents and curbing illegal immigration through beefing up the security of our national borders. Policy discussions are now focusing streamlining the process through which visa applications are made and addressing the problem posed by millions of persons already living in America illegally majority of which are youth being brought in by the parents. The focus is also directed at the implementation of effective local policies that do not jeopardize public trust in the government especially within the communities of immigrants. Such efforts positively signal a step in the direction of implementing a lasting and workable solution the current ever growing problem of illegal immigration (Lee, 2013). However, the enactment of comprehensive law reforms to address the whole issue of illegal immigration into the United States at the level of Federal Government has been at a standstill during the past few years forcing President Obama to take the approach of enforcement- based policies for curbing the issue in his first term of tenure. At the same time, restrictive laws by some states such as Arizona’s SB 1070 highlight the uncertainties that exist between states and the federal government in terms of authority over policies to address immigration problems. But following

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