Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Individual reflection on the module of system analysis Essay

Individual reflection on the module of system analysis - Essay Example The paper tells that e-commerce has opened new vistas of business opportunities that have redefined business and marketing strategies. The proposed e-commerce project will enable the clients, the owners of Pan Oceanic Sea Friends Pet Shop to reach out to an extended customer base through their website. The web application tool will allow the customers to browse through the different categories of pets sold online and select their desired pets to their shopping basket. The application tool will further enable the customers to pay for their purchases online and have their pets delivered to their doorstep. The website will also enable the customers to access a wide range of information related to pets and pet care besides offering them the facility to shop for related accessories for their pets. The overall objective of the website is to facilitate customers to find the desired information related to pets and shop for the desired pets online. It will serve as a one-stop solution for the ir pet needs. The system analysis concept initiates with the problem definition or recognition of the end goals of the proposed system in this case. The requirements of the client or the end user form the key aspect for defining inputs, processes and outputs for the system. The system analysis process thus involves a deeper understanding of user requirements and in-depth perception of existing systems that helps in co-relating different components of the work process to streamline and integrate with the new system. (Gupta, 2005). One of the vital factors driving the need for system analysis is the fact that most clients are not aware of all their requirements and this can create gaps in needs assessment and system design objectives. The system analysis takes into account the identification of individual components and modules, the definition of associations between these components and the specification of the logical flow of data across different modules. It is imperative to unders tand that a step by step analytical approach to systems design and development can help immensely in effective design of the proposed application tool. 2. Needs assessment and requirements analysis method The systems design and development process is riddled with complexity in terms of technology tools used and the ability to co-relate the operational processes with desired goals and objectives. The information development approach has been subjected to rapidly changing technology tools and systems that have aimed at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of end-products and its usability to customers (Barry, Conboy, Wojtkowski, Lang, & Wojtkowski, 2009). It often happens that the end product of the systems development proce

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