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The Challenge Report of Crocodile Tourism Wen Bing Essays

The Challenge Report of Crocodile Tourism Wen Bing Essays The Challenge Report of Crocodile Tourism Wen Binghuan ID:133 08453 James Cook University, Singapore BX3095 : Visitor Crowd Behavior Management 23 May 201 7 Attitude Crocodile tourism is one of the most famous adventure tourism in the world that attracts a lot of tourist s to visit Australia. The huge amount of tourists brings a lot of benefits to Australia, which includes a huge amount of revenue for local government and tourist operators and great reputation in tourist industry under the economic downturn environment. However, the most famous tourism also result in some negative impacts breaking the ecological equilibrium and threatening local people's life. Therefore, it is hard for people to judge whether crocodile tourism is positive or not. Some individuals and environmental organizations considered that the crocodi le tourism should be prohibited. On the other side, tourism operators will try their best to protect their profit as well. In order to retain the substantial income but reduce the negative impacts, negotiating and cooperation is the essential part that both sides need to attempt and put effort Beginning The most obvious and significant problem is the crocodiles becomes more aggressive and fearless to human, which is threatening people ' s life significantly. Due to the crocodile tourism, crocodiles are more familiar with boats and attracted by boats, further more, more humans were killed by crocodiles than before. According to the news, in 2014, saltwater crocodiles killed four Territorians in the Northern Territory, which is almost one-fifth of the total 21 people killed since 1974(NT News, 2014). The crocodile tourism has pushed not only natives closer to the dangerous but also backpackers. There were 31 victims on the list since 1990, all of them were k illed by crocodiles in Australia, and there were many tragedies have not been recorded(C. Garry, 2011). The reasons why crocodiles attack human are multiple, which include territory defense, nest defense, self-defense, food and by accident(C. Garry, 2011). To be more specific, the crocodile is ectothermic which means cold blood. They always become active when temperature increase, because they depend on solar energy. However, people also prefer to travel during the warm period. Thus, the season also could be summed as a factor(H. Melissa, 2015). Indeed, there are many factors result in crocodile attack, but , the core reason is the development of crocodile tourism and human ' s improper behaviors, overfeeding and habitat loss changed crocodile ' s habits. Meanwhile, with the development of crocodile tourism, there are more chances for human to approach crocodile which means the situation could be worse in the future. Consider again The crocodil e attack is not only threatening human ' s life but also itself. Revenge kills are common in any place. According to the news report, in 2014, an African man killed crocodile after one month when his family was killed by crocodiles (H. Melissa, 2015). Further more, crocodile attack makes crocodile get a really bad reputation, which makes many innocent crocodiles have been killed. In Australia, after a boy was missing, the authority in Australia issued a shoot-to-kill order on any crocodile bigger than two meters(H. Melissa, 2015). Thus, the bad reputation has put crocodile into a really dangerous edge.( Grisly , 2009) Some of the crocodiles are endangered species such as Philippine and Orinoco crocodile. However, most people do not have the knowledge of the crocodile, they will not consider them as Philippine and Orinoco, the only name of them is crocodile ' , the dangerous killer in the world. Therefore, the crocodile tourism has aggravated contradictions bet ween human and crocodile to some extent. Definition of Stakeholders In order to define the stakeholders, it is better to look through the whole benefit chain in the crocodile tourism. On one hand, as a profitable industry, the tourist industry is playing an essential role in Australia economy. According to the report, during the period from 2013 to 2014, tourism has brought $102 billion income to Australia(Tourism Australia, 2014), which is such big number. In the case, it also mentioned that in the declining trend of the tourism industry, crocodile tourism still can remain a successful number of visitors. So, we can find how much important is crocodile tourism for the

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