Sunday, November 17, 2019

Organizational Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Organizational Culture - Essay Example There are various perspectives that are used in interpreting the organisational culture. Each organisation has its stated approach in interpreting organisational culture. This explains the reason why there is a discrepancy in the performance of many organisations operating in the same field. For instance, some organisations fuse organisational culture with other aspects that enhance its performance. On the other hand, some organisations solely rely on the organisational culture to enhance their performance. As it is explicitly seen, some organisations will have an upper hand as compared to other organisations (Levinson, 2010:15). The first perspective in organisational culture is the scope of maintaining the organisational culture at all times. In this perspective, an organisation sticks to its intended organisational culture at all times. Though there may be changing times, the organisation will focus on its organisational culture through all times. This is mostly done in organisati ons that have strong organisational cultures that were implemented by the founding fathers. Some of these organisations were formed long time ago with strong organisational cultures that were influential in the success of the organisation. To ensure the organisation keeps improving, the organisation makes the decision that it will stick to the organisational culture as initially stated. To begin with, some organisations stick to their initial organisational culture to enhance uniformity. Uniformity explains the way people in the organisation interact, work and behave. This is a continuous process that does not change through different times. For instance, some organisations have a belief that their behaviour inside and outside the organisation will have direct effects on the... The researcher of this essay states that success in any organisation starts with understanding of an organisation’s culture. Workers and people that understand the culture of an organisation are well prepared to make effective changes when they are needed. For instance, the organisational culture explains the acceptable behaviour as required by the organisation. As such, workers will be observant as they do not want to let down the organisation. Collective assumption of such will enhance the performance of the organisation as all the workers are in unison. Secondly, organisational culture shows enhanced communication in an organisation. Thirdly, understanding organisational culture shows uniformity and organised working. The workers will be in constant communication in achieving the organisation’s goals and vision. As such they will be working in unison for the success of the organisation. Fourthly, understanding organisational culture ensures workers are focused on imp lementing positive attributes in the organisation. This includes success, service delivery, quality production and uplifting the name if the organisation that were discussed in the essay. Lastly, Understanding organisational culture ensures there is development of people’s experience. In conclusion, organisational culture is a vital aspect that should be given utter consideration. This will be vital in making the developments as required. However, when the organisational culture is not observed, the organisation is not likely to make positive change.

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