Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Leading Change Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Leading Change - Case Study Example Other than the Chairman, the company is managed by a CEO and has four divisions: R&D, Production, Sales and Finance. A Vice President, followed by a Senior Manager who in turn oversees Team Managers, heads each division. (pg.7) The culture in the company seems to an open one. Peers and seniors interact with each other and take joint decisions. However, the marketing team is not very open to new ideas as it feels the same might require a lot of concept selling , which makes their task difficult.(pg 5).Similarly, the Production team had to be shown a prototype and working of the new product before they could be convinced that it was worth the efforts. They also had to be convinced that the product would not require any additional investment and could be manufactured with the existing machinery. The structure and culture of the company are related in many ways The decisions seem to follow a top-down approach. If the V.P is convinced about an idea, it is quite easy to pass it on to the Senior Managers and Team Managers who would actually execute the decisions. While each tam works independent of the other, unless the top brass is convinced, the teams are not ready to implement any new idea. The structure and culture of the company ... o Briefly describe the power structures and politics that you see in Good Sport. To what extent are these the result of the organizational structure and culture To what extent do they determine the culture As you navigated through the various power structures at Good Sport, what decisions do you feel could have been made that stemmed beyond the options provided to you within the simulation Power structures and politics are a part and parcel of any workplace. In Good Sport too, they are existent to some extent. As a Senior Manager, I had to make great efforts to convince the production and sales teams to go in for the new product XtendSport designed by Frazier O Donell. Not only did I have to facilitate the presentation by Frazier, I had to speak to Tamara Watkins, V.P R&D to put in a word to the CEO; invite Samuel Olsen, V.P. Sales, along with a few colleagues to discuss the new fitness equipment, XtendSport; and get an approval from the sales team. Also, I had to barter with support to one of the sales team's ideas if they supported the sales of the new product. Thus although the sales team initially felt that the product would require concept selling, which they felt was a tough task, after all the cajoling and ingratiation tactics, they were ready to take up the job and provide all support for the product. Thus, from a low position on the power graph, I had moved to a very high position. Similarly, the production team had to be convinced that production of XtendSport would not lead to higher costs. Initially, the production team opposed the design, thinking that it would lead to higher manufacturing costs. They had to be shown a prototype of the product and

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