Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Vals Survey from strategic business insights Assignment

The Vals Survey from strategic business insights - Assignment Example I combine this with finding challenges within my own life, such as learning new things or experiencing something new. For the achiever, it is one that is a goal oriented lifestyle with a commitment to career and family. Structure and staying with the status quo are things which I can also relate to. I also show this in my personality with always creating goals. Even with my school work, I have a strong commitment to completing the degree and building a successful career in return. When looking at other roles, such as believers, thinkers and strivers, I find that I can’t relate to the activities or ideals and instantly reject these types of personalities. The product that I buy which fits into the innovator category is the newest technology. I am always looking at what the latest concepts are and subscribe to tech news online to browse through products, even if it is a digital alarm system for ice fishing. My most recent purchase is the Sony Ericcson XPERIA, which is like a min iature computer combined with a phone. I’m using this to replace my Blackberry and to see if there are extra components that work better. I’m interested in seeing how this will work together with the technology which is used while seeing if there is any new applications that work more efficiently for those interested in high end communication.

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