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Potential Effects Of Discrimination Essay

Do we accept that these forms of discrimination exist? What do you think†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦as maybe you do not agree? Discrimination can be understood as damaging the individual quality of life in relation to Maslow`s analysis of needs. Self Actualisation, Esteem, Social and Love, Safety and Security and Physiological needs are all negatively affected by Discrimination. ALWAYS REMEMBER, YOU ARE FREE TO MAKE A POINT IN AN ASSIGNMENT†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.AS LONG AS YOU CAN SUPPORT IT! Discriminatory practices: so what are these practices then? How do we â€Å"challenge† people in a discriminatory way? through physical assault of those who are different, through verbal assault of those who are different, by excluding from activities those who are different, by avoiding those people who are different, by excluding people from opportunities, and by making assumptions about people who are different. The essence of this question is that the discriminatory practice we have already looked at has â€Å"POTENTIAL EFFECTS† on those who use health or social care services† (BTEC, 2007). So, what are the effects of discrimination on this part of the population? The â€Å"range† for this question indicates that the effects include: -Marginalisation (and excluding people) -Disempowerment, -Low self esteem (by devaluing people) -Restricted Opportunities (failure to thrive and negative behaviours), -Loss of Rights is also a result (from disempowerment) While we have Legislation in this country to prevent Discrimination, it can be argued that these are not enough, on their own, to eliminate it. We also have to recognise that Institutional and Structural Discrimination exist. Moonie et al (2000) indicate the case of Stephen Lawrence and institutional racism within the Police Services. What about equal pay for women? A Government â€Å"Women’s Unit Study (2000)† Report looked at this. â€Å"Opportunity For All (1999)†, another Govt Report, addressed the issues Ethnic minorities face. Are there any Reports that address issues in Health and Social Services? Look around for information relating to Mental Health Services and usage by ethnic minorities. Another point may relate to the actual problem of non-English speaking nationals accessing these services. Social Services are in a similar position, with failure to make provision for afro- Caribbean populations. This failure has lead to the Institution not providing services that are needed by that population. Look for the Acheson Report (1998) also, highlighting the differences of standards between those on low incomes, and those better off. THINK ABOUT THE DVD SHOWN TO YOU, â€Å"Poverty In Belfast†. In answering this question, a structured method may be to look at each of the â€Å"forms of discrimination† and indicate HOW it affects the service user. For instance, in looking at â€Å"Prejudice†, remember that you have already covered this in the initial weeks of the Unit†¦.as with each of the `forms`: define the term, and indicate how Prejudice effects the user. Prejudice involves pre-judging an individual or a group of people. It involves forming a judgement without direct or experience of that group in any form. For instance, I would develop a negative attitude against an entire group on the basis of their ethnicity or race. An Ofsted Report (1999) indicated Institutional Racism, stating that Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Traveller Children failing to make adequate progress over 100 schools. By doing this, I marginalize and disempower them. I exclude them from wider society and push them the fringes of society where their role is minimalised and input into society is limited. I limit their ability to make choices, in other words I disempower them. Does this restriction of opportunites lead to negative behaviour in the form of criminality or aggression? Can you identify any other effects from the `range` in the question? Can you identify a group that are the victims of Prejudice? Users of health and social services include the Elderly, the Sick and the  Disabled. Another grouping that could become more relevant in the future are the Obese. This is a developing population as a result of western lifestyle†¦.and a potential group that could experience prejudice in the not to distant future. How do you think this could occur? Similarly, how does Lack Of Choice affect Users? By refusing the User Choice, I disempower them. An example group could be the elderly in Nursing or residential care. For instance, â€Å"you will eat what you are given† or â€Å"you will get up in the morning when im ready to get you up†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦this limits the ability of the User to make the decision. Looking at this assignment, each of the points should be answered in a similar vein. 1. Define the term, 2. Indicate how it affects `Users` with the help of an example â€Å"population Group† . ONLY BY GIVING AN EXAMPLE IN YOUR PIECE OF WORK WILL YOU GAIN AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE TOPIC. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO RELATE IT TO THE HEALTHCARE ENVIRONMENT.

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