Thursday, August 29, 2019

Cloud Computing - advantage and disadvantage for payroll companies Essay

Cloud Computing - advantage and disadvantage for payroll companies - Essay Example In this scenario, cloud computing is an emerging trend in the computing industry. This paper presents a brief overview of cloud computing technology with respect to its usage for payroll industry. The basic objective of this research is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing with respect to payroll industry. Cloud computing refers to the use of a cloud image to indicate the internet or a number of huge networked arrangements. Though, people are not concerned a great deal with what is in the cloud or what goes on there apart from that they actually rely on consistently transmitting data to as well as receiving information and data from it. Additionally, the cloud computing is at the present linked with a high level idea of the cloud. Instead of using routers, pipes and servers for transferring data and information, people use cloud services (Rouse; Hartig). In addition, the technology and architecture behind cloud computing lead to a group of unified storage systems, servers and control nodes that can facilitate distributed computing. Additionally, every cloud computing based arrangement normally has a client computer and front end and a back end that consists of software systems and servers, and a number of categories of control node and data storage. In this scenario, the network that puts together all the things is the most significant side that could be linked with cloud computing design. As well, the components of a cloud computing arrangement can be connected with each other by means of web/internet, and the client normally accesses them by means of internet (Hartig; Strickland; Laukkonen). PC revolution has provided many â€Å"off the shelf† solutions to business organizations. Payroll and HR software tools are the solution that is created for the HR professionals to meet the needs of the organizations. However, in the past decade with the technology of cloud based software, many solutions provided to organizations

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